Goulib.plot module

plotable rich object display on IPython/Jupyter notebooks

class Goulib.plot.Plot[source]

Bases: object

base class for plotable rich object display on IPython notebooks inspired from http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/ipython/ipython/blob/3607712653c66d63e0d7f13f073bde8c0f209ba8/docs/examples/notebooks/display_protocol.ipynb

render(fmt='svg', **kwargs)[source]
save(filename, **kwargs)[source]

renders on IPython Notebook (alias to make usage more straightforward)


alias of builtins.type


Implement delattr(self, name).


Default dir() implementation.


Return self==value.


Default object formatter.


Return self>=value.


Return getattr(self, name).


Return self>value.


Return hash(self).


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


This method is called when a class is subclassed.

The default implementation does nothing. It may be overridden to extend subclasses.


Return self<=value.


Return self<value.


Return self!=value.


Create and return a new object. See help(type) for accurate signature.


Helper for pickle.


Helper for pickle.


Return repr(self).


Implement setattr(self, name, value).


Size of object in memory, in bytes.


Return str(self).

Goulib.plot.render(plotables, fmt='svg', **kwargs)[source]

renders several Plot objects

Goulib.plot.png(plotables, **kwargs)[source]
Goulib.plot.svg(plotables, **kwargs)[source]
Goulib.plot.plot(plotables, **kwargs)
Goulib.plot.save(plotables, filename, **kwargs)[source]